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Let's congratulate Erika on her letter being published in the Loyolan! If you didn't get to pick up a copy of the paper, I've copied the letter here for you. There was also a letter in support of the article, which I will copy below it.

Dear Editor,

Megan Blazek's article was filled with its own misguidance. We can equally accuse pro-abortion groups of obscuring the reality from the rhetoric when it comes to "choice." It's a myth to believe that legal abortion means safe abortion. Women are highly at risk for uterus perforation, excessive blood loss, infection and other injuries. Their chances of future miscarriages increase as well as the threat for breast cancer. Women continue to die today from their abortions. The issue should not be between legal or illegal abortion - women deserve better choices. Pro-life criss pregnancy centers do not force alternatives but empower women to make life-affiriming decisions, whether it be adoption, single or marital parenthood. Abortion dos not free women for a "second chance at life," but burdens them with depression.

Pro-life groups don't condemn post-abortive women, but minister to them through healing retreats and programs. Becoming pregnant does not instantly make an woman incompetent of reading or writing. She has a right to continue her career or education throughout and after her pregnancy. The rest of society needs to adapt by accepting pregnant and parenting women in their systems. Colleges should offer housing, healthcare, and flexible class schedules for mothers. I agree that we must eliminate the problem before it starts, but in reality the root cuase of abortion is the lack of practical resources and emotional support. That is how society fails women. We are not there for them in this need and use violence as a quick fix. Women don't have free choice. Abortion is for the choiceless. MEgan writes of how unavoidable this is, but don't women deserve better options? We must stop pitting women against their children and find solutions they can both live with. Pro-lifers and pro-choicers can unite in a pragmatic, progressive way to eliminate abortion and truly provide choice and freedom to women.

Erika Vega, senior, animation major

Dear Editor,

I would like to thank Megan Blazek for sharing her viewpoint in the article "Misguiding view on abortion" in last week's Loyolan. It is always great to hear both sides to any story. As far as this controversial topic most people often are hesitant to discuss, Megan stated her opinion about abortion, well, for all to read. Now the big challenge - having people think critically and analyze different points of view, especially when it concerns the lives of others. Again, Megan - thank you for being a contributing factor in seeing that different viewpoints are recognized and given clarity for those closed-minded individuals on campus.

Nathalie Sanchez, sophomore, studio arts major

Okay. I won't even begin to point out Sanchez's hypocrisy in her letter...

That's all I have for today. Great job, Erika!
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